Inside WP Rocket

WP Rocket was born on 2013: Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier have known the issues of loading times for a while.

Fond of performance, they were frustrated with every existing plugin they installed.

We thought that user experience was not optimal. There are a lot of features and the set up takes too much time even for an expert.

That’s why they developed their own plugin WP Rocket: professionally supported, and frequently updated, it doesn’t require technical skills in Web Performance for installation and set up.

Since its foundation, the plugin and the company have come a long way and now WP Rocket is a renowned product that employs more than 20 people.

Learn about the behind-the-scenes of our everyday work at WP Rocket: our people, new releases, corporate news, stats, and much more.

WP Rocket 2018 Year in Review

WP Rocket Year in Review: 2018, It’s A Wrap!

Today we are releasing our 2018 Year In Review, highlighting the top moments of a successful and lively year at WP Rocket. WP Rocket’s 2018 in numbers 2018 was a […]

what is htaccess file and how to use it on wordpress

What is .htaccess and How to Use it With WordPress

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kinsta banner

WP Rocket Is Now Kinsta Approved!

WP Media has been working with the team over at Kinsta and announces that as of version 3.0, WP Rocket is now supported on their premium managed hosting platform.

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